Date: 2016.6.29        Author: WordBricks

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Control Panel

The platform Control Panel application.


Manages account details, drive, databases and other tools for your applications hosting.

Manages account details, drive, databases, and other tools for your applications hosting.

WordBricks relays on webcentral.eu platform for hosting and application services, a webcentral.eu account is required to have a Blog website with Wordbricks. By default, you will have a FREE webcentral.eu account under its limitations.

You may not be required to use the webcentral.eu Control Panel application unless you end up needing to manage something for your account (add domains, change webcentral.eu subscription plan ...). However, it is good to know it exists and that you can extend your applications list or web usage beyond blogging at any time.

A WordBricks subscription plan is not equal with webdo.com subscription. By default when you subscribe to a WordBricks plan (free or not), you are automatically subscribed to the FREE plan of webcentral.eu if you do not have one already.

Please check the Control Panel documentation for more details.

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