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Magic word SEO,

Generally WEB browsers and search engines like crawlers Googles, Bing or others will search for specific information to better display or categorize your web page.
WordBricks will automatically take care of some, but you will still need to fill in the information for those found in the SEO & Social Media section as they are related to your page information we cannot know for sure, like page description or desired keywords.

Your post will display nicely when shared using your title, description, and the first picture in the post for OG meta properties (those used to extract info about your post when shared).

RSS - used to allow other websites or web crawlers to find information about your latest posts, WordBricks will create the RSS XML file automatically for you. The RSS checkbox enables an RSS on page shortcut to the XML file, some browsers know how to present nicely the information (Mozilla does). This advertises to others that your website has RSS, and they can have access to your latest information via RSS XML's. Please read this for more information about what is RSS.

Google Analytics ID - add your "Google analytics ID" to use Google for website analytic. (Google Help - Get the analytics ID).

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