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The WYSIWYG editor allows easy text formatting using standard options.

You can always edit your post as HTML code to add any extra features you may need, which aren’t covered by the standard editor.

Your articles can be presented as BLOG posts or Book/Documentation chapters. You can choose the menu appearance and post organizations from LAYOUT.

Blog posts - the menu is organized using time (months/years), last articles are on top, default articles will be the last created (NOT the last edited).

Added images are automatically saved to your WEB drive, so please check the documentation for web drive. Images can be added from your hard-drive, camera on mobile devices or from memory clipboard (paste).

Video files are not stored on our infrastructure, you may store your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, DailyMotion or Youku. All those platforms are better adapted to serve your video files.

Just below the post editor is the FILE LIST option, you can create a list of files for download for each post. This information can host information that does not fit into the created page/blog post for different reasons.

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