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Change domain name

Takes less than a minute.

it can be easily done form the platform DRIVE application.

To change your website address, just use the platform DRIVE application from https://drive.webcentral.eu.

Press "Webs" to check your hosted websites, you may delete the web address from here if this is what you want. Please be aware that if you were using a subdomain name from the public pool, this would be available for others to take after. If you are using an address already distributed to your friends or business, it is a good idea to create a redirect web-page at your old address for the new one.

Use the folders interface to navigate to your website folder.

 Manage your hosting or hosting address from there using the folder   "Web hosting settings" button.

That allows you to chose a new web address for your blog website from the public domain names or your own.

You are required to edit something on your blog (a post , just edit and save) that will update the default page meta-data, rss.xml with the new address.

If you have used direct links with your address into some web pages you will need to modify them accordingly, on your posts or anywhere there are.

That's is.

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